Pompe Zhytese per puseta 1.5


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Function and Feature

WQ series submersible sewage pump is mainly comprised of three parts:pump, mechanical seals and motor. Pump is at the lower part of sewage pump, and the structure is impeller and shell. Motor located at the upperpart of the motor pump, which is the single phase or three-phase electric motor. Mechanical seals are betweenpump and motor and it is a kind of double end mechanicalseals,”o”rings are applied in all static joints of the submersible pump.The motor pumps are widely used in agriculture,architecture, mine,environment protection and industry, such as drainage slurry, wastewater, dung, which contained shortfibre, wastepaper, sand,and so on. It is also an ideal equipment for irrigation and clear slit.

Condition Of Usage
1.Medium temperature must not above 40t
2.PH range of Medium between 6.5一8.5;
3.Volume ration of solid partial content shall be within 0.1 size of solid particle shall be not bigger than 0.2mm;
4.Power supply shall be 220V and 50Hz,voltage is allowed to fluctuate between 0.9 to 1.1 times of its rated voltage;
5.The depth of the pump under water must be less than 5 metres.


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