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Engine Specifications
Model 2206A­E13TAG3
Engine Power (kWm / hp) 392,3/533
Revolution Per Min (r.p.m) 1500
Total Displacement (L) 12,5
Cylinders Orientation 6 Vertical In­line
Broke x Stroke (mm x mm) 130 x 157
Compression Orientation 16,3:1
Governor Type Electronic
Aspiration System Turbo AAC
Injection Direct
Cooling Water Cooled
Electrical System (VDC) 24
Lub­oil Capacity (L) 40
Engine Coolant Capacity (L) 51,4
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 650
Maximum Exhaust Temperature (°C) 630
Maximum Exhaust Gas Flow (m3/h) 72,5
Maximum Allowed Back Pressure (kPa) 22
Cooling Air Flow (m3/min) 450
Fuel Consumption 50 % (L/h) 42
Fuel Consumption 75 % (L/h) 62
Fuel Consumption 100 % (L/h) 81
Replacable cylinder jacket Dry type replacable air filter Heat­resistant radiator for 50 °C
Alternator Specifications
Standard Voltage (V) 400/231
Frequency (Hz) 50
Stationary Voltage Regulation (±) 1
Short Circuit Current 300
Insulation H
Protection IP 23
Efficiency (%) 93,6
Overloading 1 Hour ­ %110
Rated At Power Factor (cos Phi) 0,8
Total Harmonic Distortion Rate 2
Connection Style Star
Number of Pole 4
Number of Bearing Single
Self­cooled Electronic type automatic voltage
regulator (AVR)
4 poles, self­excitation, brushless,
synchrontype alternator


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