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Standby Power (ESP)
Standby power is defined as the maximum power available during a variable electrical power sequence, under the stated operating conditions, for which a generating set is
capable ofdelivering in theevent of a utility power outage orunder test conditions for up to 500 hours of operation per year under average of 70% load.Overloading is not
Prime Power (PRP)
Prime power is defined as being the maximum power which a generating set is capable of delivering continuously whilst supplying a variable electrical load. Average load should
be 70%. The generator can be overloaded 10% for 1 hour per 12 hours.
High quality, reliable and complate power unit,Compact design,Easy start and maintenance possibility,Every generating set is subjected to a comprehensive test programme
which includes full load testing and checking and providing of all control and safety shut down functions testing,Full engineered with a wide range of options and
accessories:Canopy,soundproof and on road trailer

WTP DIESEL (RICARDO) heavy duty diesel engine,
Four stroke, water cooled, turbocharged, charge air cooled
Direct injection fuel system,
24 VDC starter and charge alternator,
Replaceable fuel filter, oil filter and dry element air filter,
Cooling radiator and fan,
Starter battery (with lead acid) including Rack and Cables,
Flexible fuel connection hoses and oil sump drain valve,
Industrial capacity exhaust silencer and steel bellows,
Jacket water heater (at all models)
Operation mauals documents
Panel Equipments;
Control, supervision and protection panel is mounted on the genset base frame.
The control panel is equipped as follows:
1-Auto. Mains Failure Control Panel
Control Panel Equipments:
Control panel with DKG 309 module
Static battery charger
Emergency stop push button
Circuit Breaker
Brushless, single bearing system, 4 poles,
Insulation class H,
Standard degree of protection IP21-IP23,
Self-exciting and self-regulating,
Impregnation with tropicalised epoxy varnish,
Solid state Automatic Voltage Regulator
The complete genset is mounted as whole on a heavy-duty fabricated, steel base
frame. Antivibration pads are fixed between the engine/ alternator feet and the
base frame.
Base frame design incorporates an integral fuel tank.
The generating set can be lifted or carefully pushed / pulled by the base frame,
Lifting eyes allow easy transportation by a crain.
Dial type fuel gauge and drain plug on the fuel tank.
1.1 Generating Set control module DKG 309 features:
The module is used to monitor a mains supply and automatic start a stand-by
generating set.
Micro-processor based design
Monitors engine performance and AC power output
LED and LCD alarm indication
Front panel configuration of timers and alarm trip points
provides signal to change over switch panel
event logging of shutdown alarms
Remote communication via RS232 port or RS485 modbus output
easy push button control
Operation indicators accesed by the LCD display scroll push button.
a) Metering via LCD Display:
Generator Volts (F-F/F-N) Engine hours run
Generator Amps (L1-L2-L3) Engine speed RPM
Generator Frequency (Hz) Engine oil pressure (PSI&Bar)
Generator power factor Engine coolant temperature (C & F)
Generator kW Engine Oil temperature
Mains Frequency (Hz) Fuel Level
Mains Volts (F-F/F-N) Plant battery volts

b) Automatic shutdown on fault conditions
Under/Over Speed Fail to start
High Engine Temperature Fail to stop
Low Oil Pressure Charge fail
Under/over generator volts Over current
Under/over generator frequency Emergency stop
Under/over mains voltage
Low/High battery volts
LED indications
Mains available Generator available
Mains on load Generator on Load



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